Apple Mail to MBOX Converter – Mac Mail to Standard *.mbox

apple mbox converter

Apple Mail to MBOX Converter – Mac Mail to Standard *.mbox

Are you fed up of sluggish mail converters? Want to experience some groundbreaking technology? Opt for the fresh face of Apple mail to MBOX converter – Mail Extractor Max. Mail Extractor Max is a recent addition to the mail converter tools created by USL software-the providers of leading solutions for mail conversions. USL software has time and again proved its mettle and this time is no exception.

The Mail Extractor Max for the Best Results

Mail Extractor Max is an absolute solution for those who want to migrate there files from Apple mail to MBOX. Filled with features, this Apple mail to MBOX converter is nothing less than extra-ordinary. A smooth and pleasant experience is all a user desires and this tool promises just that. To begin with, it starts by eliminating the mundane process of manually loading the files onto the tool. There is a convenient auto-load option that gives the user freedom to just click and get the files directly from default directories.

This tool helps you convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, EML & MBOX file format.

apple mail to mbox

This is followed by another choice given to the users in the form of smart filters. These filters help the users keep or remove the files so loaded. There is also an option of ignoring empty folders. Unlike other Apple mail to MBOX converter, the conversion process with Mail Extractor Max is a smooth ride on the whole and the final results are a specimen of given characteristics:

Presence of every element

Generally, an average Apple mail to MBOX converter lacks the expertise required for making such complex conversions. After all it isn’t just the text but also other associated elements of the mail like graphical objects, metadata, to and from data, timestamps, attachments, nested messages, etc that need to be converted for obtaining the final conversion results. Now, many average tools fall behind in the race at this stage but our victorious Apple mail MBOX converter in question makes sure that each element is present in the converted files. In fact, Mail Extractor Max is capable of converting even the non-English texts like that of Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Folder hierarchy maintained

Another common criticism relating to the converted files is that the overall structure of the mails is lost. However, there is a resolution to this with this exemplary Apple mail to MBOX converter. The final results are a perfect imitation of the original files. The little distinction, naturally, is of the formats-Apple mails to MBOX.

Smaller file size

The converted files can be split up during the conversion process. The files size preferably is kept below 15GB mark. This helps in the upload of the files at later stage.

apple mail to mbox converter

As is apparent, the results are perfect. The converted files are an exact replica of the original Apple mail files. There is no further modification that needs to be done on these. And the best part is that the conversion process, which leads to such great results, is overly simplified for the ease of users. Further, trying it out is easy too. Experience this greatness by clicking on the  link for the free trial version of this Apple mail to MBOX converter.

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