Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter for Mac OS X

Apple mail to Thunderbird converter

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter for Mac OS X

Mail Extractor Max makes transferring Apple mail to Thunderbird easier than ever before

Since the time that Apple mails moved away from the standard MBOX format to EMLX format, users had been under a constant dilemma. There was a continuous chaos surrounding the Apple mail to Thunderbird conversions. But as happens with life, bad times are followed by good times too.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Converter

USL software recently rolled out an Apple mail to Thunderbird converter in the form of Mail Extractor Max. This tool shook the conversion tool market with its performance and robust technological structure. Not only did this tool outlast and outperform every other tool but it also threw them off the balance. The experts who have created this Mac mail to Thunderbird converter have put solid algorithms that help this tool to carry out the complex conversions.

With this Apple mail to Thunderbird converter tool you will never experience system crashes. Nor will you get partial conversions. All you would experience is quality results. This tool is also a preferred choice as it has a very reasonable version that is available on its site. There is also a trial version that is available free of cost. Both the versions can be downloaded from here as well.

Import Apple mail into Thunderbird without modification only with Mail Extractor Max

Mail Extractor Max can get the files converted while being completely unmodified and unaffected by the conversion process. The complications arising out of such conversions can often cause damage to the data. Sometimes it might lead to situations wherein the data is left behind. However, such situations can be overcome with the strong conversions of this Apple mail to Thunderbird converter.

Apple mail to Thunderbird

The converted files using this Mac mail to Thunderbird converter can be expected to have the following traits:

Presence of every component

This feature is made possible because of the advanced technology of this Apple mail to Thunderbird converter. It ensures that every component is picked up and processed properly. The final set of files has every feature intact like the contacts, calendars, to and from data, etc.

Completely unmodified

The email files undergo a very vigorous conversion process however this EMLX to Thunderbird converter provides a protective shield to them and ensures that they come out unharmed.

Maintenance of folder hierarchy

Even the overall structure of the mails is preserved with this tool’s smartness. The organization of the data remains intact.

Inclusion of non-English languages

The converter has the capability of converting non-English languages and thereby if any of the mails have such data, then the final converted files will contain them too.

Apart from high quality conversions, the users can also expect a quality experience overall. Since the tool is entirely bug-free, there are no system crashes. The application doesn’t hang either.

The entire Apple mail to Thunderbird conversions happen speedily and accurately. The user-friendly interface enhances the overall user experience. To be put in simple words, Mac mail to Thunderbird conversions with Mail Extractor Max would be a lasting experience that you wouldn’t regret.