Convert EML to PST on Mac – Get it done Safely and in Time!

Convert EML to PST on Mac – Get it done Safely and in Time!

Here we will discuss the brilliant approach of converting EML to PST files on Mac using the tool called “Mail Extractor Pro.”

Why use a third-party tool?

The simple answer is that there is no manual way of converting these files. You can move data from Windows Live Mail to Windows Outlook manually, but if you only have EML files, then the only course of action possible is converting them to PST using a third-party tool.

But even if you have emails in Windows Live Mail, we would not suggest manually moving them to Outlook. Those manual methods bring with themselves a lot of baggage. Data loss, productivity loss, and many other challenges can be hard to overcome. And also, it’s not necessary to face those problems when there’s a much better way out.

Convert EML to PST On Mac

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a Mac compatible tool, designed to convert data cleanly from multiple sources (like Apple Mail and Thunderbird databases, MBOX files, and EML files) to PST. It has a simple interface that you can get comfortable with right away. There is no need to get into the depth of email migration and understand every little term and process that comes along the way. The tool is just point and click, based on the graphical UI that is friendly and intuitive.

It is designed to convert EML, MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox and Apple Mail to PST for MS Outlook.

convert eml to pst on mac

The most important element of “Mail Extractor Pro” is its speed, which makes it possible to convert even the large EML Files to PST in no time. For some users, loss of productivity while going through EML to PST conversion or any other email migration task can be the biggest cause of concern. It’s not really nice to step aside from your work for some one-time technical drudgery. And that is where “Mail Extractor Pro” really shines.

The modern-day email files like EML and PST are too complex and rich in information. Processing those data and then converting it for another format often takes a lot of time and also end up with inaccuracies. “Mail Extractor Pro” solves that problem with specialized processing-logic and algorithms that work super-fast and delivers accuracy down to a single byte.

You can load up multiple files and regardless of their sizes, the tool will convert all of them to PST in one go and without wasting your time. The near-perfect internal logic works with stability, accuracy, and with blazing fast speed.

Try it on Mac

Download a free trial copy below to get started. You can check out all the features in the trial mode and also experience its speed of conversion. Pre-activation, it only converts ten emails per folder per EML file, but that does not come in the way of you testing it out. It’s also great to see how simple and intuitive the User-interface is. There is no learning curve at all. You just install, launch, load EML files, select folders that you want to convert, and hit “Convert” to begin the conversion process. And in no time, you will have perfectly accurate and clean PST files that you can import to your Windows or even Mac Outlook.

convert eml to pst

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“Mail Extractor Pro” is from USL Software, is a Mac OS too, and also comes with technical support 24 x 7.