Convert Mac Mail EMLX MBOX to PST – But Here’s What You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Do It!

convert mbox to pst

Convert Mac Mail EMLX MBOX to PST – But Here’s What You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Do It!

Convert Mac Mail / EMLX / MBOX to PST

Mac Mail data cannot be easily moved to Windows Outlook. The reason for that is the incompatibility of files.

So, most users feel the need to convert the Mac Mail EMLX or MBOX to PST file. PST is your “personal storage table” format file for Windows Outlook. Easily importable.

But here’s the catch:

Apple Mail doesn’t store data to standard MBOX files. It may come as a surprise to some of the users because MBOX is usually considered an Apple Mail file. But it’s true. Around the 2nd ever version of Apple Mail, Apple changed the files to EMLX to store messages. Each EMLX file contains a single email message, and the attachments are stored in EMLXPART files.

So, where does the misleading part that “Apple Mail stores data in MBOX files” come from? First, it was true for the first edition of Apple Mail many years ago. But today, what happens is that all your EMLX files are stored inside .mbox file packages. Apple calls it .mbox file package, but they are not your standard MBOX files. Those packages are very similar, or in fact the same, as the conventional folders. You can open them and inside you will find EMLX files.

So, to migrate Apple Mail data to Windows Outlook, converting MBOX to PST isn’t possible, at least not directly as one would think. You can convert a single EMLX file containing a single email message, but obviously, it’s not feasible. It might take weeks to get a large database migrated to Outlook. Thus, most EMLX to PST converter have been outdated.

So, you cannot convert EMLX to PST nor can you convert MBOX to PST. What can you do?

One other solution is to drag the folders from Mail to Mac desktop. That automatically converts the folder inside Mail into a single standard MBOX file. Then, with the help of MBOX to PST converter, you finally get Outlook compatible PST files.

The issue with that approach is mostly regarding the sloppy and inefficient nature of almost all conventional MBOX to PST converter.

We back to square one.

How can one move Apple Mail data to Windows Outlook successfully?

The good news, we are not letting you go just by stating the scenarios that’s not either possible or practically. We are also giving you the perfect solution. And you will be surprised.

Mail Extractor Pro” offers a quick solution to this dilemma. It’s a professional tool that can also be used by basic home users through its friendly GUI, developed by USL Software.

mbox to pst

The thing that makes it the first choice for experts in dealing with this job is that it can load your data directly from the profile/identity directory, stored inside users’ library folder. This takes away most of the complications users have faced with ordinary solutions. No more fuss regarding .mbox packages or EMLX files, or any other sloppy tools and converters. “Mail Extractor Pro” will work with perfection, converting every single item stored in Apple Mail to PST files, quickly. And its interface makes the job perfectly doable by non-experienced users too.

You don’t need any technical experience of email migration tasks. You don’t even need to go through tutorials. Right after launching the tool, the intuitive nature of its interface will make the rest of the path smooth. Just click on ‘Auto-load’ next to Apple Mail icon, get the folders ready for conversion, and hit ‘Convert’.

Moving data across Apple mail to Windows Outlook has never been much easier.

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convert mbox to pst

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