Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

convert mac mail to outlook 2016

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 – Make Sure You Choose the Right Tool. Here is the tool you can try for the same.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

Email migration can be real tough, any email migration job for that matter. For instance, if you are moving to Outlook 2016 (either Mac or Windows) from Mac Mail, you are going to be facing a lot of challenges.

The worst of them is the loss of data or damage to the integrity. This is why it is of utmost importance that you choose a migration tool that has powerful algorithms for clean migration. Other than that, the tool should also have the basic qualities that any good software solution should have. For example – support, friendly interface, speed, easy installation, less manual inputs, and so on.

Sadly, Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 converters are often found to be missing almost all of those qualities.

All current gen converters work only in one way: They require you to manually load either EMLX files or .mbox Mac mail file packages (which are not the standard MBOX files either). This approach of typical converters has worked to some extent, depending on how efficient the conversion algorithms are developed. But in most cases, users would find loss to the data integrity. And not to mention, these solutions can be very time consuming and hard, because of poorly designed interface and myriad of unnecessary manual inputs.

Therefore, make sure you choose a right tool to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016, if you care about your data integrity, your time, and the fact that your efforts shouldn’t be unnecessarily difficult.

Tool to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

Good news is – there is one such tool that has all the necessities of a good email migration tool and has all the basic features that any software program should have, like interface, support, etc.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro.” And before listing its feature, let’s talk about the most distinctive feature that sets it apart from all the rest, and why it quickly went on to become the most recommended Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 converter on the internet.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016


In short – it has autoload feature that directly loads Mac Mail database without using MBOX or EMLX files. This changes the accuracy and the efficiency of the overall task significantly. And it also helped developers to simplify the UI since a lot of manual steps have been eliminated. Basically, to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016, all you have to do is click on ‘Auto-load’ and everything will be ready for conversion. Then, hit ‘convert’ and in no time, you will get clean PST files ready to be imported into Outlook 2016 (Mac or Windows).




Other features include:

  1. Support for all languages (Unicode, ASCII, UTF-8, DBCS, etc.). This means that the trickiest languages like Chinese and Japanese (because they contain double-byte characters) can now be converted without a single missing character.
  2. It also keeps folder hierarchy same
  3. The tool let you split large PST files by setting the desired maximum size limit for PST files
  4. Brief and Detailed log report
  5. Traditional Mbox to PST files conversion support (for converting MBOX files from sources like Google. Not recommended for the custom .mbox file packages for Mac Mail, for which Auto-load is heavily preferred.)
  6. Intuitive interface making it easier even for beginners
  7. Quick Conversion speed

Download to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

You’ll never a tool better than “Mail Extractor Pro” for this otherwise painful and risky job. Through ordinary means and tools, you may end up losing the fidelity of your emails and other items.

Click here to download ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX file to PST for MS Outlook.

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So, choose “Mail Extractor Pro” today. Get the free trial copy to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2016.

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