Convert Mac Mail to Outlook Pst in a Jiffy

mac mail to outlook pst

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook Pst in a Jiffy

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST

Migration of emails from one email client to others is one of the most tedious and longest computer tasks. If you don’t have proper tools or methods, it’s gonna become more complicated and challenging. What makes matter much worse is when you attempt to do it manually. And to take it further into the realm of pain and frustration, its when you move from one OS to other, such as from Mac to Windows.

Converting Mac mail to Outlook Pst is such a task that will leave you high and dry. Both of these email clients (Mac Mail and Outlook) have been here for a long time, but there aren’t any official tools either from both sides to help migrate the data easily. And there won’t ever be.

How to convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST

So, what can you do? How can you convert Mac Mail to Outlook Pst in a jiffy with accurate results? There’s a lot of misguided advices and truly useless tools that you can fall into. So, today we took time out to discuss, test, and evaluate few of the best expert recommended solutions and software that could work for you. What came out of this was “Mail Extractor Pro”.

convert mac mail to outlook pst

There were few handful ones that offered some decent results. But the reason “Mail Extractor Pro” made the cut was because of its few unmatched features that plays in the critical role of the overall experience of converting Mac Mail to Outlook Pst.

Super easy to convert Mac Mail to Outlook Pst

First, it is a lot like a game made for kids. By that, I mean it is a wonderful example of User-friendliness means in software programming. The whole design of graphical interface feels 100% natural and intuitive to use. Right from its installation to the last step, it feels easy for even the most basic of computer users. There are clear and straightforward “buttons”, check-boxes, instructions, and wizard screens to do whatever that needs to be done. Loading of your Mac Mail database, choosing the folders inside them, and the rest will become as easy as pie.

convert mac mail to outlook

Secondly, the quality that deems it the best of the best is its ability to convert the data thoroughly to the last remaining byte of your Mac Mail data. Nothing will be left behind, nothing will be modified or corrupted or during the conversion, and nothing will be lost. Your attachments, images that were inside emails, the structure of your folders and basically anything you can see in Mac mail, will be there in Outlook Pst after conversion.

convert mac mail to pst

And thirdly, the quality that actually took its place in the title of this article is its speed. You can convert any number of files with any size in a lightning fast speed. 2 GB, 5 GB, or 10 GB? Doesn’t matter. Its super fast data extraction logic will do everything with efficiency and the stability provided by excellent programming will make the process super quick.

convert apple mail to outlook

Try Now to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook Pst

For the first time, you can actually convert Mac Mail to Outlook Pst easily, accurately, and quickly. And even though other tools also gave decent quality results, there was none that even comes closer to “Mail Extractor Prio” when you combine all of its features.

So, do not delay any longer? Click here to download its free trial version, and see if yourself.

convert apple mail to pst

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To convert Mac Mail to Outlook Pst, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.

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