Convert OLM to MBOX Format Easily Without Going Through Too Much Trouble or Worrying About Data Integrity!

convert olm to mbox format

Convert OLM to MBOX Format Easily Without Going Through Too Much Trouble or Worrying About Data Integrity!

Convert OLM to MBOX format

OLM Extractor Pro” is a Mac utility from USL Software that is developed with sophisticated programming algorithms for converting complex email data files. Any email migration can get tricky if not done through professional tools. But converting OLM to MBOX is the worse of them all due to the dissimilarities between the file formats.

converting olm to mbox

Today, we are going to talk about how to convert the files easily without going through too much trouble or manual inputs or without worrying about the data loss and the damage to the data integrity.

What are OLM and MBOX formats?

But first, here’s a bit of an introduction about the email migration between OLM and MBOX and what it is all about:

OLM and MBOX are data files used respectively by Mac Outlook and Mac Mail to store data like emails, contacts, and calendar data. But unlike MBOX, OLM is strictly confined to Mac Outlook as an email client. You cannot use OLM to import or export emails with anything other than Mac Outlook. MBOX is compatible with many clients and programs including Mac Mail and Thunderbird.

So, if you have the OLM file that you want to use in Mac Mail, you cannot do that unless you can convert it into MBOX. This is a problem since not many tools exist that can let you convert these files without losing the fidelity of the data. By that, it means, the traditional tools fail to convert many of the details that are stored in these files. These ordinary tools would result with fragmented output data that can be painful in either basic use or in work environments.

How to convert olm to mbox format?

But, if you are here looking for the best solution to convert OLM to MBOX format, you will not be disappointed. The tool discussed below offers the best possible approach to this task that anyone regardless of the skills, experience, or technical knowledge can do.

The tool is officially titled as “OLM Extractor Pro” and is offered by USL Software. USL Software is known for their best software applications in the domain of email migration. And “OLM Extractor Pro” is equipped with all their expertise and excellence that have made them a leading source of professional applications.

convert olm to mbox format

Download to convert olm to mbox format

If you are looking to try it out, you can do so using the free demo version downloadable using the link below. Click on it and get the setup file. Install it and you can just get started without the activation.

Get it here:

convert olm to mbox

If you are looking to find out more, using the trial version is the best way to do that. However, here is the list of features that you may want to read before proceeding further:

  • Intuitive Interface that makes the job natural and straightforward without too much efforts
  • Batch conversion for multiple OLM files without any trade offs
  • Ability to convert non-English text cleanly
  • Maps the folder hierarchy accurately from OLM to MBOX format
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Free updates for lifetime

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Download ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ now to convert olm to mbox format and other file formats.

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