Convert OST to PST Office 365 Without Any Data Integrity Errors

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Convert OST to PST Office 365 Without Any Data Integrity Errors

Convert OST to PST Office 365 Without too Many Troubles like Data Integrity Errors, Frequent Crashes, and Others.

How to Convert OST to PST Office 365 / MS Outlook?

Office 365 is one of the most popular set of subscriptions and software offering office apps (like Word, PPT, Excel), email apps (like Outlook, Exchange server), and cloud storage service like OneDrive.

One of them is Outlook (for Mac and Windows). It’s an email client offering great features to help you send, receive, and manage emails, along with contacts, calendar data, and other information. It has a huge user base in both operating systems and has garnered great reviews from users (basic and experts alike) over the last few years. Even though Outlook existed before Office 365 as a part of Office Suite or a standalone app, most users today, especially business users have it as part of their Office 365 subscription.

The article below will talk about one of the issues in Windows Outlook app concerning the conversion of OST to PST. And the rest of the article mentions Outlook from Office 365, but it can be, for the most part, applied to Outlook as a standalone app too.

Way to Convert OST to PST Office 365

Converting OST to PST Office 365 is a process required at times necessary like: You have OST file but not the account associated with the file. In that case, the OST file is useless and can’t simply be imported back into Outlook. You first need to convert it to PST files.

Whatever the situation is, this post will get you started on converting OST to PST Office 365 without too much obstacles and problems that task usually generates.

Converting OST to PST using OST Extractor Pro

First, begin by downloading ‘OST Extractor Pro.’ It is an excellent OST to PST converter from USL Software, offering easy to use interface, all the essential features, and a powerful dedicated logic to convert data precisely without any integrity errors.

convert ost to pst office 365


Once downloaded, you can check it out in free trial mode. Load the OST files you need to convert. You can load any number of OST files up to any size, and the tool will get them all converted to PST in a single attempt. And such a batch conversion wouldn’t affect the integrity, the speed, or any other aspect of the process.

Once the files are converted, click on “Locate PST file” to go directly to the folder where the tool saved the output PST files. Now you can import the PST files to Outlook, or whatever else you want to do with them.

Note* – You can also import PST to Mac Outlook.

OST Extractor Pro made it simple to convert ost to pst

This is a very simple approach to convert OST to PST Office 365 files without any unnecessary manual inputs and steps. And even though “OST Extractor Pro” Is extremely friendly and can be used by beginners, it is still one of the best professional tools to be used for large projects. The support for batch conversion and other advanced features would make any IT expert quickly convert the files like a pro!

Any other ordinary tool has many problems that can make the job too tedious for you. One of them is frequently crashing and aborting the process in the middle> It could be frustrating, consumes a lot of time, and worse, can damage the data or end up with partially fragmented files.

OST Extractor pro” handles the large files and the heavy extraction processing with ease. The data-flow is smooth and there are never any crashes and or painful interruptions that can result in fragmented files or any other sort of unwanted errors.

Get it today to convert ost to pst Office 365

Download the setup below and get started!

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OST Extractor Pro is designed to convert ost to pst Office 365, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, 2010, 2007, 2003 etc.

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