3 Things Your EML to PST Converter Should Have!

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3 Things Your EML to PST Converter Should Have!

EML to PST Converter tools are one of the essentialities of modern day life. When you need to transfer your data from your Windows Live Mail to Outlook, these software applications are the best way to do it. They help you overcome the modern day databases problems. Problems at which previous conversion solutions failed.

This might sound very relaxing and easy in theory, but it all depends on choosing the right converter tool. If you go for the wrong converter tool, then it can go very bad. Your data comes under the threat of damages, corruptions and losses. You can even lose it permanently. So, you cannot take the step of choosing the converter tool lightly. This article will help you by guiding you about what your converter tool should have and introduce you to the best converter tool in the business.

Why EML to PST Converter tools?

There is a big question about why do we need EML to PST Converter tools? Can’t we just manually convert all the data? The answer to this is no. You cannot manually convert all the data. It is not any copy paste operation or changing the extension of your data files. It requires a lot more than that.

Converting EML to Outlook is a technically advanced process. It involves layered conversion of all the data stored in the email files. So, you need a technically sound solution to achieve that and manual methods of conversion don’t provide you with that kind of technical prowess.

Since there is no direct way to achieve this conversion process, so it is the choice of the user on how he approaches the process. Here is where converter tools come in. They are modern technical solution backed by latest technological advancements. They have the right technical ability to take on the challenge involved in the conversion process. This is why you need these converter tools.

The best EML to PST Converter

The title of best EML to PST Converter goes to Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software. The tool is an exceptional conversion solution. It has everything that one can wish for. With all the basic and advanced features packed together, the tool becomes the perfect conversion solution out there.

It helps you migrate Thunderbird to PST as well as Apple Mail, MBOX, EML & MBOX to Outlook PST file formats.

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The feature list of the tool includes a variety of features. But the three features that make it stand out include:

Auto Loading Entire Database Files:

The eml to pst migration tool auto loads your entire database files. This feature minimizes your efforts involved in the process. You just need to select your email client and it does the rest. It helps you in ensuring that nothing is left behind during the conversion process. It makes the process quicker and safer.

Conversion Accuracy Like No Other:

The conversion accuracy of the tool is unmatchable. It converts everything present in the email database files. The EML to PST converter preserves the integrity of the data and ensures no modifications are made to the data.

Easy to Use:

The tool supports a very intelligent interface that makes it easier for all kinds of users to get through with the conversion process easily. It even provides a detailed guide to help you throughout the process.

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The trial version of the tool is free to download. Get your copy today at www.mailextractorpro.com.