EMLX to MBOX Converter Mac Free Trial – Convert Your Data without Omission

EMLX to MBOX Converter

EMLX to MBOX Converter Mac Free Trial – Convert Your Data without Omission

Looking for an EMLX to MBOX converter Mac free tool? You will find all the information you need to know in this article.

EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac

First of all, what are these tools and what do they accomplish. It is fairly obvious that they convert EMLX to MBOX files in Mac. But why convert these files and what does it all mean?

EMLX and MBOX are Mac Mail compatible files. Where EMLX is strictly a data file for Apple Mail, MBOX is now more generic in nature. And to move your data from Mac Mail to other clients, it is important and a very common approach to get your EMLX files converted into MBOX, because MBOX can be imported to clients like Thunderbird and more.

And it may surprise few of you that ‘Mail’ client in Mac OS X doesn’t actually create standard MBOX files. If you will look in your profile database folder (located at: ~/Library/Mail/V2), you will see the folders with .mbox as the extension. But they are actually the file packages with .mbox as the extension; they are not the standard MBOX files most other clients use. You can even open them like folders and you will find EMLX files inside them. Each EMLX file corresponds to a single email message. The data stores in EMLXPART files.

Why use EMLX to MBOX Converters?

As it may be clear from the passage above, if you are moving to other clients like Thunderbird, you have to convert EMLX to MBOX. But why a third-party converter? You may ask if there’s any in-built feature in Mac Mail that can do that.

And the answer is: there are none. You can however go through some of the manual methods to get your data migrated, some of them don’t even required EMLX files. But all of them are incredibly slow and not worth your time. They may be fine if you can afford the time they require but they are also inaccurate and move data with a high rate of omission. You can see the fragmentation of data clearly in the output, like messed up folder hierarchy, broken images, missing email addresses, missing non-English characters and other similar other errors.

For that reason, I am not going to go through with them.

That leaves us with the final option to use a third-party EMLX to MBOX converter and perhaps some other unique approach.

EMLX to MBOX Converter

Ordinary EMLX to MBOX Converters Mac Free

If you will look harder, you may find EMLX to MBOX converter for Mac for free.

But before you go download them into your Mac machine, here are few things to consider.

The job of email extraction from one format to other is incredibly complex. It’s going to be very unlikely that a true free utility gives you all the necessary features you need to perform it correctly. Such free Mac EMLX to MBOX converter can even be risky and costlier in terms of time, efforts, your data safety, fidelity of information, and more. Some free tools with unknown sources come with bloatware and if you have sensitive information, you should be even more careful with tools that are going to interact with your precious email data.

Let’s assume that by some off chance you did find a genuine free or paid EMLX to MBOX converter that doesn’t bombard you with a horrible interface full of adds, doesn’t install any bloatware on your computer, and that is clean without any suspicious malware. In that case, you are still going to be disappointed.

The primary reason behind that is EMLX is a basic and raw data file that stores a single email message. That file interacts with Mac Mail to let you access your data using an interface. In other words, it’s an internal and functional file for Mac Mail and not actually designed for migration, backup, or export purposes.

Therefore, regardless of how clean your EMLX to MBOX converter for Mac is, it’s still going to produce inefficient and inaccurate output.

Another drawback is that it converts the email messages. As said above, your data keeps in EMLXPART files and most generic EMLX to MBOX converters do not supporting converting the files for attachments. For majority of users, this make those traditional converters not worthy of trying.

And lastly, they do not support some of the necessary features that are must for any email migration job. Namely – they will not convert contacts and calendars. They do not keep the folder hierarchy preserved, since they convert individual files not a database. They do not have any option to remove anything that you don’t want to convert.

And plenty of other limitations of other EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac either free or paid make them obsolete, inefficient, and you should avoid them.

“Mail Extractor Max” – Best Tool that is not even a Mac EMLX to MBOX Converter

With all those bad news, it’s time to give you what you came here for.

But before that, let’s get to the basics of why anyone would convert EMLX to MBOX anyway. Obviously, it is because they want the data inside Mac Mail either moved to another client that supports MBOX format (like Thunderbird) or they want to keep the backup of Mac Mail data in a format that’s generic and therefore can be used easily in future across many email clients.

Keeping that end goal in mind, let’s introduce “Mail Extractor Max.”

It’s funny that in an article named EMLX to MBOX converter for Mac, the best tool is “Mail Extractor Max,” which is not even that. It doesn’t convert EMLX to MBOX. So why am I talking about it here?

emlx to mbox converter for mac

Mail Extractor Max” is a Mac utility from USL Software that has changed the face of migration from Mac Mail to other clients. However, it doesn’t require users to look for their EMLX files and convert them one by one to MBOX. Instead, it directly auto-loads your Mac Mail database and converts everything right from the source.

There are many obvious benefits to this approach, making “Mail Extractor Max” clearly the most efficient method to migrate your data, the same end goal of converting EMLX to MBOX.

It also features many useful functionalities that aren’t available in other traditional converters. Like support for Unicode content, ignoring empty folders, fast data conversion flow, tech support, intuitive UI, and much more.

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Give it a Try

But better than reading is to try it directly. And what better way to do that than the free trial edition offered by USL Software. It converts ten items from each folder inside your Mac Mail database but you get the access to the full functionality so you get a clearer idea of how it can function with your personalized database.

Get it here: https://www.mailextractormax.com/.

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with the support staff at USL Software. Download the free trial version and forget about the inefficient EMLX to MBOX converters for Mac.

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