The tool that allows you to Export OLM to MBOX like a Boss!

The tool that allows you to Export OLM to MBOX like a Boss!

Data migration is one of those processes that looks simply but in reality, is not many people think of it as a copy paste operation or just a change of the extension of the files in use. But it is much more than that. A lot of things must click together in the background to get the job done perfectly. MOLM of these are technical in nature therefore, you have to also keep that aspect in mind while carrying out your conversion process.

Export OLM to MBOX, ICS & VCF

The process to export OLM to MBOX is the one this article talks about. It is one of the popular ones and is widely carried out around the world. The processes that you need to get right in order to transfer your data include processes like extraction, conversion of data and then its rearrangement or restructuring. Once you get all these processes right, only then you can get the job done.

OLM Extractor Pro: Tool that’ll help you with the technical aspects of the process

All these processes include handling and manipulating your data. Therefore, carrying them out with any carelessness can result in permanent loss or corruption of your data. You need to keep this thing in mind. Most solutions fail to live up to the required quality standards for the process. This leaves you hanging with an incomplete conversion process and your data corrupted.

OLM Extractor Pro from USL Software sees that it never happens again. The olm to mbox tool is an all-round solution filled with all the latest features that help you get the best out of your conversion process. The features provided by the tool match the required quality standard and give you a technical option to export OLM data to MBOX.

export olm to mbox

Maintain that Folder Structure whilst you export OLM data to MBOX

The way you have arranged your email files, categorized them in your email inbox is known as the folder structure of your email databases. It makes finding the right email file easy and quick. It gives you the freedom to carry out any of the processes easily on the database as you are familiar with which email files are stored where.

When you export OLM data to MBOX using a substandard conversion solution, this structure usually gets messed up. This means that the arrangement of folders becomes random. This makes it very difficult to find the right email file let alone carrying out operations on it. This converter tool helps you avoid any such situation.

It retains the folder structure of the input files during the conversion process. And it gives you an exactly similar arrangement in the output file and making it easy for you to work with the output files.

Whatever get done is getting logged

The tool logs anything and everything that happens while exporting OLM data to MBOX files. It provides you with two kinds of logs. That makes it even easier for you to keep a check on what is happening.

One of them is a detailed version of the logs that have everything. And another one is a brief version that covers the main topics. Therefore, you are always aware of what is going on in the process.

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To convert olm to mbox, Download the free trial version of the tool today and get a closer look at all the features of the tool.