Fast and Easy OST to PST conversion

OST to PST conversion

Fast and Easy OST to PST conversion

Fast and easy way for OST to PST Conversion. Read the article to know more about it.

If you are someone who is looking for a tool to recover and convert OST to PST file, then you are at the right place. This article will provide you all the information for choosing the best tool that acts as both, a powerful OST recovery tool and a thorough OST to PST converter. Most professionals who use email to share their official data and information cannot afford to lose their email archives. In cases of data loss or corruption they will have to spend a lot of time and effort to recover their valuable information.

Here is the Best OST to PST conversion tool

Fortunately USL Software has created a tool specifically designed to make this process easy to follow and very fast. OST Extractor Pro makes the task of recovery and conversion of OST file extraordinarily simple. With its intuitive user interface and the ability to handle large files, both professionals and amateur users can save a lot of their valuable time.

Recover and Convert OST file

Why would a user need to recover their OST file or convert the OST file to PST? Outlook uses OST (which stands for Offline Storage Table) and PST (which stands for Personal Storage Table) files to store its data. PST file keeps your personal archived data as a backup while OST is used internally by Outlook for offline storage. Also, OST file is used only for emails, contacts, and calendar data while other things are stored in the PST file.

OST to PST conversion

No Hassle Conversion

The problems arise when, for some reason the OST file is inaccessible or gets corrupted either by an unfortunate accident or an error made by the user. Many times sync errors or hardware failure can damage the OST file. Deleting email account makes the OST file useless as only the original account with which the OST file was created can have access to it. OST file can also get corrupted by virus or malware attack and abrupt shutdown of Outlook or the system. In any of these cases the user will have to recover the OST file and convert it to PST.

Fast & Easy OST to PST Conversion

Recover and Convert to other formats as well

This can be easily solved by the OST Extractor Pro which is the most competent tool to recover and convert OST files to other formats.  OST Extractor Pro guarantees total recovery of all of the user’s data including emails, attachments, folder hierarchy, calendar data, metadata, etc. without any modification. It also recovers text in all languages, even those that use double byte characters like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

conversion of ost to pst

Super Easy & Fast

The user interface of OST Extractor Pro requires no technical experience and even the advanced features are easy to operate. One of its most attractive features for professionals is its unbelievable processing speed which can reach 1GB in ten minutes under normal conditions. This tool can also handle multiple OST files through batch conversion and can process large OST files easily.

Get it for OST to PST Conversion

So if you are looking for an easy to use and freeware OST to PST converter and OST recovery tool, OST Extractor Pro is the best option. You can test the trial version of OST Extractor Pro from the company website. If the tool meets your requirements, buy the full version which comes with full customer support and timely updates.

To download the trial version, click here for OST to PST Conversion.

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