How to convert ost to pst

ost to pst

How to convert ost to pst

OST to PST Conversion is a natural process for all Outlook users. You may not be aware of it because it takes place behind the scenes. This article will explain the need of OST to PSt Conversion to you. It will even suggest a method to convert OST to PST when it cannot take place on its own.

OST files are for one’s offline usage. Any change can be made to offline OST database. It can help you to stay ahead, work more productively and circulate easily. These changes are updated to Outlook when the system goes online. MS Exchange server works discreetly to sync your OST files with PST and thus, imports your OST database in Outlook.

However, when some problems surface in MS Exchange server, you might have to convert these OST files to PST yourself. This process is extremely vague and tedious. It has many pathways, but the safest one is still unknown. But don’t worry, in the following passages, the safest path will be clear to you


TO convert OST to PST, you can opt from two methods – manual or tool. Manual method is very risky and can pose grave threats to your database. Therefore, it is out of the question. However, you can totally opt for an alternative tool to carry out this task.

One such amazing tool is OST Extractor Pro by USL software. The tool is capable of complete OST extraction, recovery and multiple conversions. IT has been meticulously planned to convert entire mails leaving nothing behind. It also allows users to decide the size of converted mails beforehand and preserves the folder arrangement.

how to convert ost to pst

OST Extractor Pro is a highly reliable, safe and fast tool. It can convert any size of OST database in less than 10 minutes. It employs batch strategy which helps in converting large chunks of OST database without any loss of quality or speed. The tool can also convert mail content of any language. OST Extractor Pro supports every language in the world.

The demo version of the tool is completely free. This has been done to let users develop complete faith in the tool before opting to purchase it. But before heading to the website to download the license version of the tool, you need to make sure that you fulfill these following requirements:-


OST Extractor Pro can only work with MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13

For Windows

OST Extractor Pro is compatible with windwos

OST Extractor Pro works with Outlook 97 to 2016, or office 365 OST,

One needs to have Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 client or higher to make this tool work.

convert ost to pst

When you will be completely satisfied with the free trial version of the tool, you can check their licenses. I assure you, this will only enhance your happiness. The individual license of such an amazing tool will cost you only $49.

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