How to Convert Outlook OLM to Entourage Smartly?

how to convert outlook olm to entourage

How to Convert Outlook OLM to Entourage Smartly?

Entourage is an email client from Microsoft, which is now discontinued and is replaced by Outlook in Mac. This fact may make it sound like the transfer of data from Outlook to Entourage might be easy or at least doable. But sadly, it is not. OLM – the native file used in Mac Outlook – is not fully compatible with its older and discontinue client called Entourage.

How to convert Outlook OLM to Entourage(*.rge file)

If you need to relocate the emails stored in Outlook OLM to Entourage, you have no other choice than to convert the OLM to the format Entourage can read and detect. And this cannot be done using any of the in-built features of the email clients, nor can it be done manually, and nor can it be done with any regular file conversion app.

To convert all the emails with all the details intact, only a professional and dedicated software application can help you. One of those applications that works consistently and without any safety issues is called “OLM Extractor Pro.”

The tool can convert OLM to EML, MBOX, ICS, VCF, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage etc.

convert outlook olm to entourage

We are going to discuss some of the key features of “OLM Extractor Pro” in this article, starting with the user-interface.


Many people need to convert Outlook OLM to Entourage, or to migrate any kind of email data, only once in a while. It’s not a daily task, which makes it a very important for the converter app to have a friendly interface that anyone can interact with and use. “OLM Extractor Pro” is designed by keeping the most basic users in mind with no background in such technical tasks. Its friendly UI is fully intuitive and requires no learning curve. Anyone can pick it up and get started in less than a minute and will have no problem using it to convert OLM to Entourage – from the very first to the last.

MIME and Unicode Content Support

Rarely does any email database in today’s world would be without MIME or Unicode formatted content. These are modern day email/internet standards developed to support emails with more types of information in different languages.

MIME is a standard that supports Unicode (non-English and special characters) and also media files as attachments.

Unicode is a universal standard to represent text in almost all of the languages and world’s writing systems.

Many regular Outlook OLM to Entourage converters do not support converting these more complex types of data from your files. But “OLM Extractor Pro” does. It has native support to trace and process both MIME and Unicode content from anywhere, like inside the email bodies and even from the headers. It can also convert the email addresses that contain any non-English or special characters in the domain.

Folders Conversion in Their Entirety

Because many conversion techniques involve handling one item at a time. They are very inefficient in keeping the structure of your database as it applies to the entire data. “OLM Extractor Pro” works by taking the entire database of your selected files as a whole. Thus, it manages to keep the folders in their arrangement. It also implements the conversion scripts in multiple gradations. That is allowing it to maintain the position of all the sub-folders within a parent folder.

The organization of the email folder is often a very personal thing to the user. Even one tiny misplacement could lead to confusion and difficulty finding emails on time. Thankfully, this tool takes care of that and making it possible to migrate data completely free of any such concerns.

Meticulous Conversion of All the Other Parts of OLM Files

Consider the following items in the list below and check if they are within the OLM Files or not:

  • Images or any other graphic-based item like icons and logos
  • Email attachments
  • Headers and metadata
  • Outbound HTML links within email messages
  • HTML formatted emails with graphics, headers, margins, borders, colors, etc.
  • Cloud-based files links (Like OneDrive, Google Drive, Etc.)
  • Nested Emails (Conversational type emails)

The chances are that you agreed to all of these items that they are indeed part of your OLM Files. If you use emails regularly, it is quite impossible to not identify these items or to not be a part of your email database. Yet, they are often missing in the converted Entourage files when you are working with a sub-standard tool that lack essential algorithms to deal with these contents accurately.

“OLM Extractor Pro” has a highly optimized and dynamic internal functions that will protect these details right down to the minutest element. It does not result in any mis-match, error, or even a slight gap between the input and output files, not even in the structural form.

Quicker Than Any Other Email Migration Tool

Because, up until now, it has been so difficult to convert Outlook OLM to Entourage with precision and without facing any integrity loss, the time taken to complete the whole task has been sidetracked and ignored. But eventually, it is the productivity that matters the most. To be able to save time, we use software like Outlook and Entourage and have adopted communication methods like emailing, rather than handing out the letters.

Therefore, converting Outlook OLM to Entourage can be really frustrating. As it can take too long for a working person to find it acceptable. This is another reason “OLM Extractor Pro” has done so well with IT technicians and business users. As it not only works with such accuracy in term of data integrity. It also allows them to get back to their actual work without wasting any time.

If you too are concerned about time and do not feel like throwing away your precious hours or days, “OLM Extractor Pro” will be your ally in productivity, without any loosening of other aspects of the conversion, like thorough-ness, integrity protection, and so on.

convert olm to entourage

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There are also a few other handy-options you get with the tool, like splitting large files, ignoring empty folders in a single click, saving read/unread emails in separate folders, and more. If you want to find out what these options are and if they can work in your favor. You can make the whole task even more convenient and professional, download it. The demo version is free for everyone, works without any restrictions on actual features. It offers a peek at one of the most efficient and esteem applications to convert OLM to Entourage files.