How to Export Apple Mail to PST

Have you ever tried to export Apple Mail to Pst? If you have, you would know that it ordinarily involves numerous manual steps, involving Apple Mail identity folder and what not. It can become a mind-numbing process, full of challenges, errors with unknown sources, and annoying setbacks.

How to Export Apple Mail to PST?

Forget all that. Here are six easy steps to export Apple Mail to Pst using a third party software called “Mail Extractor Pro”.

  • Step 1 – Download “Mail Extractor Pro” from here.
  • Step 2 – Click the setup and simply install it in a minute using the instructions.
  • The Step 3 – Once it is installed, launch it. There will be a button called “Load”, clicking which will give you two options.
  • Step 4 – One will be to auto-load the database. Second one will be to manually to manually load Mbox files. Choose the one you want. Usually, auto-loading of your Apple Mail Identity database is more accurate, quick, and easy. But you can alternatively choose to convert using Mbox files, if you have Mbox files saved already. Totally your to export apple mail to pst
  • Step 5 – Once the database is loaded, the tool displays the folders inside it. You can select the folders which you want to convert, and leave the rest unchecked. Check all if you want to convert everything to Pst mail to pst
  • Step 6 – Click ‘Convert’ at the bottom of the Interface.

This is simple way to export Apple Mail to PST

This is all there is to it! The tool will then start the conversion process automatically. Sit back and let the tool does the rest. Within minutes (depending on the size and number of items selected), the tool will generate the Pst files, which you can later import to Windows Outlook.

The recent launch of Outlook 2016 can now import Pst files. Which means that even if you are not moving away from Mac to Windows, but only switching to Mac Outlook 2016, you can use “Mail Extractor Pro” for that.

Once the conversion process is done, click “Locate Converted file” and it will take you to the folder where the Pst files are stored. You can start importing them to Outlook.

“Mail Extractor Pro” has truly shortened and simplified the otherwise tedious and challenging job of converting Apple Mail to Pst. It has even brought the conversion speed to double to what it was originally with ordinary Mail to pst converters offered. You can convert your Apple Mail database up to 5Gb in mere 30 minutes.

Here are two additional reasons why you shouldn’t wait to download it.

Support – there is 24×7 support that is ready to help you with any queries. The support is very responsive, helpful, and cheerful. You would feel as if you are getting help from one of your close friends, who also use to happen as an expert with email migration.

Free Updates – “Mail Extractor Pro” keeps on updating its data conversion logic and other features. The good news is that you can download all of the future updated versions for free. That means, after the initial payment, the tool is free for the lifetime.

Get it today!

Use this link to download the free trial version and export Apple Mail to PST at zero hassle.