How to open an ost file in MS Outlook – the easiest guide

how to open an ost file in outlook for mac and windows

How to open an ost file in MS Outlook – the easiest guide

Opening an OST file is the easiest task when done with the right method. It has boggled the minds of many. But thanks to this article now you will be able to open OST files easily. This article will reveal to you the easiest path for opening OST in the following passages. However, let’s first know why we need to have so much information to open OST.

Getting to know OST format

OST format is a boon in the professional sector. It is the format of Outlook which stores mailbox content in offline form. It further allows you to edit the files and all the changes you have made in OST files will be upgraded to Outlook once the system is outline. Therefore, it is very important to open OST files.

However, since OST format has been devised as an offline solution, it cannot work directly with Outlook. Its structure is totally different with what an Outlook compatible format should have. Therefore, it has to be synced with PST format which works directly with Outlook.

This task is usually done by MS Exchange server. However, it is not always available to do this task. Therefore one always needs a reliable tool available for this process.

How to open an ost file

And once you have gotten hold of a professional and reliable tool, you don’t have to face any problem with opening OST files in Outlook.

The easiest tool for opening OST in Outlook is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro has been hailed as the best tool for OST format. It can extract and convert OST to PST files easily. It truly understands the needs of modern mails, and accommodates conversion of entire content in the mail.

how to open an ost file

The task becomes so easy with OST Extractor Pro because it has a simple Graphical user interface which allows one to convert their OST files very easily. The interface, besides being highly interactive, employs self-explanatory wizards which make the task of OST conversion a breeze.

Biggest benefit of using OST Extractor Pro is that one can also open corrupt or damaged OST files in Outlook with the help of it. We all know how MS Exchange server can be very discriminatory. It filters damaged and corrupt OST files, and denies syncing them to PST format. However, with the help of OST Extractor Pro we can extract these files easily, and change them to PST format, allowing them to have a place in Outlook.

open an ost file in outlook

Get it to open an ost file

You can download the free trial version of OST Extractor Pro to see the tool for yourself. It has everything I have claimed it to have. The demo version will have every feature of OST Extractor Pro’s licensed version. You can explore it to your heart’s content.

how to open an ost file in outlook

Even the licenses of OST Extractor Pro will not let you down. Its individual license is priced at $49 only. Given all that it offers, this is an extremely low price. Grab OST Extractor Pro right now!