Import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook – A Standalone Application that Works Just Right!

Import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook – A Standalone Application that Works Just Right!

Many email migration tasks require tricks and complex maneuvers to achieve the desired goal. Importing emails from Mac Mail to Outlook is similar. The clients involved are nothing like each other; even the data files they use are not the same. You cannot simply copy or move the files around.

Import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Many of the solutions or tools to help you with the job are cursed with issues and challenges. You would have to follow tens of steps to reach your goal. Such as: online web-based converters. These online converters require you to find the files in Mac Mail, upload them (often one by one), fiddle around with the configuration, and on and on and on.

Even then, you would find missing or damaged information in the end. Such form of data integrity losses is infuriating. And worse; you might not be able to detect them right away, because, obviously, you will not open each email to find out if the data is correctly converted. Most users notice any incongruities later when it is too late.

It obviously is the inefficient, non-professional approach to deal with data migration. If you are here thinking there must be a quicker and simpler way to import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook, you are right.

Best Way to Import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” is the answer to that. It is a standalone utility for Mac that works all on its own; no cloud-based processing, no add-ons, no files needed to load manually, and no such pointless actions. The tool works by processing your data straight from the Mac Mail ‘Profile’ directory (stored inside users’ library) and does it all offline on your computer.

Import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

All it requires from you is to click on ‘Autoload.’ You can choose to convert the backup database directory instead of the main one, in which case, you have to specify the location where it is stored. But that is the limit of the manual exertion you will ever face with ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’

This inventive new approach to Mac Mail to Outlook data import not only makes things quicker, it also adds a thick layer of data security to your output. Never worry about missing images, attachments, header information, or any other such details. It handles 100% of your database, from the littlest to largest item, and carries it to the end without modification or corruption.

On that note, it is also important to point out that “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software, is built with special and dedicated engine for Unicode content. This includes any non-English text in emails’ text or headers or even links and email addresses. Other subpar tools retain the text in ASCII standard and other Unicode languages might interrupt the process or end up with damage.

There are plenty of other such features that has completely turned around the process of importing emails from Mac Mail to Outlook.

importing emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Get it to Import emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

It is a complete, professional, and standalone utility that simply works. It works completely on its own without even being connected to the internet. You do not even have to set it up or waste time with the initial confirmation or other settings. Just install, launch, click on ‘Autoload’ and you are ready to go.

See it for yourself. Download it here and you can check out everything in detail using the free trial version.

To convert Apple Mail to Outlook, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.