Import Gmail archive to Outlook (3 point guide)!

Import Gmail archive to Outlook (3 point guide)!

Import Gmail Archive to Outlook

Gmail is probably the most widely used email client of all. It has a humongous client-age and rarely do people make shifts from this client. Why would they? After all, it is convenient, slick, and up to date. However, due to reasons such as professional requirements and the like, many users are forced to make shifts to the more professionally designed clients such as Outlook. When doing so, their need to carry forward the data from Gmail to Outlook becomes the number one complication. And the only viable way out of it is making use of a third party PST conversion tool.

import gmail archive to outlook

Let us have a detailed understanding of the whole process to import Gmail archive to Outlook which is distributed into 3 phases:


The first part is the creation of Gmail archive which is, to be honest, quite easy. Google takeout assists the users in the creation of it. All the users have to do is select the data relating to Google services that they want archived. This would include options like mails, contacts, calendars, docs, classrooms, etc. The next step is to choose the output method like adding it to Drive, Dropbox, etc. Once that is done, the MBOX files or Gmail archive becomes ready for use.


In order to import Gmail archive to Outlook, the users need to make use of third party tools. The second phase would obviously be finding a tool that can get the job done efficiently. This can be a painful task as the market is swamped with these tools. However, only a selected few are truly capable of accomplishing the job in a precise manner. The best amongst them is Mail Extractor Pro which can help the users import Gmail archive to Outlook in a matter of few minutes.


The final stage is making use of Mail Extractor Pro. The tool has a pretty simple interface which makes the users sail through the entire process smoothly and swiftly. However, to make things even more transparent, a detailed step-by-step guide to import Gmail archive to Outlook is given below:

  1. Get your copy from its site and download and launch the same on your system. Make sure that you have enough space on your disk and that all the administrative permissions are in place. Check for the system compatibility too.
  2. Once the interface becomes visible, start by uploading the Gmail archives (choose MBOX) and select the data from where it is saved on your disk.
  3. The next step is to select and de-select the files and folders that have been uploaded. At this point, the empty folders can be completely ignored by a single click.
  4. Move ahead and set the PST file size.
  5. Click on ‘convert’ and choose an appropriate location to save the files after the completion of the process to import Gmail archive to Outlook.

gmail archive to outlook

The tool will quickly give the converted files which will be mirror-images of the original database. Do not wait any longer and try this amazing tool today!

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