Importing Thunderbird to Outlook

Importing Thunderbird to Outlook

Importing Thunderbird to Outlook

What if Importing Thunderbird to Outlook is Not that Hard as Mediocre tools and Methods Have Made You Believe?

Importing Thunderbird to Outlook

Email migration can throw even the biggest experts into a frenzy. Sure, moving one folder between email clients is no big deal, but when you are completely switching between clients and need your entire database to be migrate, it can get twisted. The road is apparently treacherous.

What if I to told you – it’s not that hard as you think. Poorly developed email migration utilities and complex manual methods can make anything look big. But a proper set of tools and knowing what you are doing can help you reach to your destination even in a storm.

So, what is that solution that can help you import Thunderbird to Outlook easily? Or is it something that just sounds like a mirage and when you actually get to it, it is as treacherous as it sounds. The good news I am here to tell you is – no, importing Thunderbird to Outlook is surprisingly simple, quick, and accurate.

How to Import Thunderbird to Outlook?

You just need a professional email migration application, built by developers that know email migration inside-out.

USL Software is that company that has an expert team of developers that came up with “Mail Extractor Pro” to make importing Thunderbird to Outlook extremely easy. It’s not just a tool that converts data, but makes it possible for even basic home users to easily use it as they wish. The features it is equipped with offer flexibility and control. The algorithms process data without missing any items. And, the user-interface makes it effortless.

Mail Extractor Pro converts Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and Apple Mail to PST file for Mac & Windows Outlook.

Importing Thunderbird to Outlook

Take a look at its features and you’ll see what I mean:

  • “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t need any files from Thunderbird to import manually by user, as is the case with many traditional tools. No. It can automatically load identity database directory.
  • Mail Extractor Pro supports the conversion of all languages, including the ones that use double-byte characters like Chinese and Korean.
  • It also keeps the folder hierarchy same after conversion.
  • The log report (brief and detailed) makes it possible for larger scale migration projects to be analyzed for better results.
  • Faster performance than any other tool: it can deliver results in a lightning fast speed. The tool can convert 1 Gb of data in less than 10 minutes, though the speed depends on many factors like your computer spec, other backing running programs, etc.
  • Error and bug free. It runs in Mac OS X smoothly without ever crashing or freezing. There are no bugs or glitches in the programming.
  • It can perform bulk migrations without issues.
  • So, are you ready for importing Thunderbird to Outlook easily? Are you ready to let go of the traditional notion that email migration, any type of migration job, always has to be tedious and long and full of data loss risk?

Import Thunderbird to Outlook

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Thunderbird to Outlook

Try “Mail Extractor Pro” today. You will find it to be as perfect an email migration tool for importing Thunderbird to Outlook.