Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 (Mac & Windows)

Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 (Mac & Windows)

Why to use an email converter tool to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365? Learn it with Mail Extractor Pro!

Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365

Anywhere that you try to find a suggestion on ways to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365, you would find that everyone speaks in favor of email conversion tools. That’s because it is certain. These tools would provide the end results as opposed to the vague outcomes in manual methods. There are many more reasons for avoiding manual Thunderbird to Outlook conversion in actuality. We are going to learn about all of these right now:

Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365

For avoiding time wastage:

Manual Thunderbird to PST conversion is highly non-attractive due to the amount of time that these take for completion. And if the database involved is large, then the user can expect hours of tedious work altogether. It isn’t practical and is obviously largely ineffective.

That being said, email converter tools turn this around by giving solutions that are swift and efficient. To migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365, Mail Extractor Pro would take just a few seconds to few minutes to give out perfectly crisp files. These files would be reminiscent of the original content in a very pleasing manner.

For sidestepping partial conversions:

If the users choose manual conversion method over an email converter tool, chances are that the final converted files would be incomplete in nature. Data loss and data damage are the possible outcomes that can also both happen at once. Human error is always possible but not with an efficiently design tool such as Mail Extractor Pro. Mail Extractor Pro makes sure that the user who wants to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 gets complete files without any data loss at all.

For avoiding technical complexities:

Technical unawareness can cost the users their data in entirety. That is to be avoided and therefore the use of email converter tool is suggested. In absence of these tools, the users can tread onto a path from where the recovery of the files can become really troublesome. However, with Mail Extractor Pro in use, all the complexities, technical or otherwise, are avoided through and through.

For avoiding monotony:

Manual conversion processes tend to get very boring. Even more so when there are a large number of files that are to be migrated from Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Mail Extractor Pro takes off that load and gives a revitalizing experience to its users. It makes the whole process extremely easy to accomplish. With all of the complicated steps completely cut out, the users are left with a meager job of clicking onto countable steps for migrating Thunderbird to Outlook 365.

For getting rid of haywire results:

Another aspect that associates with the final outcome. The manual conversions is that the data is found modified to a large extent. So much so, that the files are almost unrecognizable. Mail Extractor Pro on the other hand ensures that there is zero data modification when migrating Thunderbird to Outlook 365.

migrate thunderbird to Outlook

On account of the above mentioned points, it is but prudent to opt for Mail Extractor Pro. Get it today to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365!