Migrate Thunderbird to PST using the modern conversion solutions!

Migrate Thunderbird to PST using the modern conversion solutions!

The biggest obstacle with migrating Thunderbird to PST is overcoming the proprietary extraction model. The lack of compatibility between the other data models and PST is the reason for failure of most conversion solutions in the market. But don’t worry this problem of yours is solved. Here is a converter tool completely solves the problem of migration of data into a proprietary data model.

Modern solution for your Thunderbird to PST Migration Problems

Thunderbird to PST Migration brings a bag full of problems with itself. You cannot convert the data directly. It is not as easy as just changing the extension of the data files. No. The process is a technical layer by layer conversion of all the data stored in your Thunderbird data files into PST files.

The reason for this conversion process can be aptly described in a single word, incompatibility. The MBOX format used by Thunderbird may be a generic and widely accepted file format, but it is unfortunately incompatible with Windows Outlook.

Outlook uses the PST format for storing its email data. This format is proprietary to Microsoft. Thus, no other email client has access to it. This in turn makes Outlook incompatible with all other formats and PST incompatible with other email clients.

Therefore, you need to migrate Thunderbird to PST to transfer all your data safely and securely.

How to migrate Thunderbird to PST effectively?

The answer to this question is straight forward. You’ll need external help of a converter tool to get the job done. The manual methods of conversion fail to produce the desired results as the size of modern-day databases becomes too large to handle.

Third-party converter tools have the solution to this problem. These software utilities are the best way to convert your data as they provide you with enough technical prowess to deal with large databases.

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is your best bet to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365 easily, effectively and securely.  The tool comes packed with all the best features in the business that make it all easier, faster and better.

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The feature list of the tool seems to be a never ending one. It provides you with features like:

Exceptional Conversion Accuracy:

The high conversion accuracy of this converter tool plays a very vital role in getting everything converted easily and effectively. It converts all the smallest details as well as provides support for formats like Unicode and double byte characters.

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Easy to Use:

The Interface of the tool is simple, intelligently designed and efficient to use. It provides you with all the necessary support to get you through the conversion process without any problem.

Bulk Conversion of Files:

The tool provides you with the feature to convert multiple files in a single go. You can easily select all the files that you want to convert while exporting your Thunderbird data to PST and the tool will convert them all together.

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The Thunderbird to PST converter freeware trial of the tool provides a lot more features. Download it today and find them out yourself.