Move Mac Outlook to Apple Mail Instantly and Effortlessly!

move mac outlook to apple mail

Move Mac Outlook to Apple Mail Instantly and Effortlessly!

Move Mac Outlook to Apple Mail without any effort

If you don’t have too much time on your hands, moving Mac Outlook to Apple Mail can be the worst task can be quite displeasing to you. All the manual techniques and traditional software applications to transfer data too much time. They have plenty of other complications as well, but for a productive user, lack of good conversion speed can be major cause for frustration.

If you are looking for an instant conversion tool, you came to the right place.

Best App to Move Outlook to Apple Mail

USL Software is a, well, software company that’s been well grounded in email migration industry for quite some years now. They are famous for offering their excellent tools. These are usually with eccentric approach but are quite powerful and effective. Their recent software program is called “OLM Extractor Pro,” and it has everything you need to move Mac Outlook to Apple Mail instantly and without efforts.

move mac outlook to apple mail


USL Software worked to make the tool powerful and accurate without making it difficult to use. You will get a basic interface through which you can easily and intuitively interact with its advanced features. It fits the requirements of both an IT expert for large-scale migration projects and a home user for a smaller-scale project.

It’s central conversion framework can convert the items that are usually tricky.

Here are two major examples:

  1. Non-English text: It features the full support for conversion of non-English text. This includes languages such as Japanese and Korean, which are encoded with double-byte characters that are usually very tricky to integrate into conversion logic due to their complexity relative to ASCII characters.
  2. Folder Hierarchy: It features the full support for converting emails with their correct folder hierarchy. Almost all users now arrange their emails in particular folders, and losing the hierarchy of these folders is a major issue with conventional tools. “OLM Extractor Pro” works with a very precise set of algorithms that maps the structure compromising the integrity.

It also adds plenty of options to cater to the needs of different users with unique needs. Such as:

  • Merge items: With conventional tools, it can get messy with the conversion of calendar items and contacts because they convert each entry into a separate ICS and VCF file respectively. “OLM Extractor Pro” allows you to merge all contacts and calendar entries from a single folder into a single VCF and ICS file respectively.
  • Filter Folders during Selection: After you load the OLM files, you can see all the folders in their order under the preview section. You can mark the ones that you want to convert or un-mark the ones you want to exclude or dismiss. Moreover, you can also filter the folders according to the forms of data inside them, such as, mails, contacts, and calendar entries. You can also ignore all empty folders in a single click by ticking the box that says “ignore all empty folders.”
  • Most tools would turn the unread emails into read emails, which can be quite disappointing. “OLM Extractor Pro” has a dedicated logic to detect the read/unread status, and it not protects that status, it also gives you an option to save them into separate folders.

mac outlook to apple mail


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Download to Move Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

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Try “OLM Extractor Pro” today. You can download the setup using the link given here and use it in a free trial mode. You will see how easy and effective. It can be to move Mac Outlook to Apple Mail in an instant and without much efforts.

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