Open Source MBOX to PST Converter, is there any???

Open Source MBOX to PST Converter, is there any???

Finding a reliable open source MBOX to PST converter is a bit difficult. Not all tools available in the market offer you open source conversion tool. Also, the trial version that they offer you have many of the features locked. You can only use once you make the final purchase.

This is how you can get the best open source MBOX to PST converter

You can find a kind of open source MBOX to PST converter with Mail Extractor Pro. This is a tool that is developed by USL software with great algorithms and research. The team at USL software has closely worked on the needs of its uses and come up with the software that overcomes all the difficulties and problems faced by the users in the past when using other tools.

MBOX to PST converter open source

Get the free trial of the tool to find out more

Also as this is the best MBOX to PST converter as open source it does not keep any of the features hidden from its uses in the trial version. They have all the features unlocked so that the user gets familiar with the tool before they make the final purchase.

Few of the benefits that you would get from this MBOX to PST converter tool are as follows

Batch conversion

if you are a person who is looking to convert multiple MBOX files into PST file format then this feature is the best for you. You can upload multiple MBOX files at the very same time. As you try to convert, this tool will process all the files at the very same time. This helps you in saving time and efforts.

Splitting of output PST file

Most of the tools in the market which offer MBOX to PST converter open source do not offer the option to split your output PST file into smaller segments. This tool offers you to limit the output size of your PST files and segment them into a smaller size. This helps you in uploading the small size PST files on to Outlook making the process much easier for you.

Empty folder

This tool office you the option to neglect the empty folders in your Apple mail. All you have to do is simply click on neglect empty folder option. In doing so, the tool will extract the data from only those folders that are containing data in them. And it will nullify all the empty folders keeping the size of your output PST file smaller.

Maintaining hierarchy of folders

This is yet another important feature that you must look for in any MBOX to PST converter open source There are a number of folders and subfolders in your Apple mail. It is important that all the data goes in the corresponding folders otherwise that final data that you get won’t make any sense to you. This tool helps you in maintaining the hierarchy of folders and places the data in the exact original form true to its nature.

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How to get the Mail extractor Pro

You can log on to their official website to get the MBOX to PST converter open source. All you need to do is click on the trial version and download the tool and run it on your Mac.

Once done, the super friendly user interface will take you through each and every step and will help you convert your MBOX files into Outlook with great ease.

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To download the free trial, click here.