OST to Windows Live Mail Migration Tool (for Mac and Windows)

ost to windows live mail

OST to Windows Live Mail Migration Tool (for Mac and Windows)

OST to Windows live mail migration, FAQs for OST Extractor Pro!

Email conversions are quite frequently taken up by the users these days. With reasons ranging from mere boredom to professional mandates at the back-end, people take up the tough conversion processes nonetheless. That being said, most of the users desire technical support to have a pleasant and successful experience in executing conversions such as OST to Live Mail migration. And to provide exactly that kind of support, we have put down this list of FAQs for OST Extractor Pro– an OST to Windows live mail migration tool.

ost to windows live mail migration

OST Extractor Pro can convert OST to EML for Windows Live Mail.

Q. Why can’t I use OST in Windows live mail?

A. OST in expansion is nothing but Offline Storage Table which means that it works in an offline mode. Most of the users make use of these files to work offline and later on sync the data through internet connectivity. As opposed to this there is another format called PST or Personal Storage Table which is used by Windows live mail. OST and PST are two very distinct formats and must thereby be converted for accessibility in each other’s domains.

Given this disparity, Windows live mail is not equipped to read the OST files which necessitates OST file conversion.

Q. What makes OST Extractor Pro the best?

A. OST to Live mail migrations are a twisted set of operations that can be successfully handled only by a sturdy tool. There are several reasons that work in favor of OST Extractor Pro being the best tool for such migrations. The top 5 of these are:

  1. Rebuilding OST files in a new format is not easy but this tool is highly equipped to recreate these files in formats like Windows live mail, Apple mail, MBOX, etc.
  2. It converts everything that is contained on the original files. The list includes but is not limited to attachments, MIME headers, nested messages, Unicode content, contacts, calendars, etc.
  3. This tool also ensures the safe transport of files in an OST to Windows Mail migration job. It means that there are no instances of application crashes, data loss, data modification, and the like.
  4. The tool provides quickest conversion results with 100% accuracy
  5. This tool can be obtained free of cost too. All the users have to do is download its free trial version.

ost to windows live mail migration tool

Q. How credible is OST Extractor Pro?

A. OST Extractor Pro has been created by the team of experts at USL software. USL software is a big name in the email converter tools world and this OST to EML Converter tool a part of its large family. The tool is thereby extremely reliable and safe to use.

In fact, there are two definite conclusions that can be drawn from here: one is that the tool is built on advanced technology because USL is known for that and second is that the tool would be entirely bug-free and hassle-free to use!

Try the freeware version os the OST converter tool today, if you are looking for OST to Windows Live Mail or OST to PST converter for Mac & Windows.